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 here's how...


1.   frag your corals! 

If you have been into reefing for a while and your corals are thriving and growing out in your tank, what´s better than making some nice frags and sharing them with other reefing enthusiasts?



2.   setup a seller account

In order to sell your coral on the collective you need to register to become a Seller

Once your store is approved, you will get access to your Seller Dashboard. This is a simple way to create your own store where you can set up your details, a logo, shipping and/or pick-up options, and payment methods (which is done through PayPal).



3.   create an item

With a Seller account you can now create an item to sell!


Upload some nice WYSIWYG photos of your frags and put in a detailed description about the frag itself, it’s growing conditions, the mother colony, history etc.



4.   shipping and pick up

On the Coral Collective you have the option to choose either local pick-up, shipping, or both.


You can change these settings at any time, so if you want to start with local pick-up only and then progress to shipping later that is ok!


If you are planning to ship corals, good packaging and timely delivery is important. No one wants to experience the heartbreak of corals arriving dead.


There are a number of supplies you will need to be able to package and ship effectively. We have collated a list of places that supply the following for our Sellers:




5.   get your first order

Congratulations! A customer placed an order for your frags.


You will receive an order email with the details. The customer will pay directly into your PayPal account, and the Coral Collective will receive commission automatically.


In order to keep start-up costs for our Sellers as low as possible there aren't any set-up fees for joining or creating your store on the Coral Collective. 


Instead, there is a commission of 15% on each sale, which goes towards maintaining the Coral Collective marketplace, and also to donate to reef-saving projects and organisations, such as the Great Barrier Reef Foundation.



6.   send your frags

Book in the courier pick up, package up your corals (with care!), print your shipping label, and let your customer know the shipping tracking number.


Great job! You now have a happy customer enjoying your amazing frags, you joined a community and got in touch with other reefing enthusiasts, and also helped to protect our natural reefs for future coral nerds!


Coral Frag


get in contact with us

We are here to help you every step of the way.


If you have questions or need support with any step of the journey please get in touch with us, we are more than happy to walk you through it. We don’t bite!


You can reach us on Facebook messenger, on the Facebook page, or by email to We look forward to hearing from you.


Once you are signed up as a Seller, you will also be invited to join our Sellers Group. You can talk with other Sellers about good ideas, questions, fragging techniques, fragging equipment, photography tips, shipping methods, or anything really! There's an abundance of knowledge and experience in our community.


The Coral Collective has just launched, and is starting to grow. We are keen to hear from our Sellers with any ideas or suggestions for changes or additional support that would be beneficial going forward.



our values


Respect - for all in the community.

Sustainability - respect for the environment is key to our approach.

Collaboration - we work together willingly, in a partnership. We share our challenges and successes.

Integrity - is core. We act with trustworthiness, honesty and fairness. We deliver on our commitments and are accountable.



our expectations

Everything listed for sale on The Coral Collective must be propagated.


If you sell on this platform you agree that all items listed are propagated coral frags and are not wild caught corals.




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